USCIS Joins Forces with NYC to Strengthen Citizenship Education and Awareness Efforts


“USCIS is proud to collaborate with Mayor de Blasio and the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs in a meaningful community partnership to help permanent residents learn more about citizenship and the naturalization process,” said USCIS Director Léon Rodríguez.  “The Statue of Liberty is one of our nation’s greatest symbols of welcome, while the public libraries are the city’s most welcoming resources. Now more than ever, New Yorkers can begin their journey to U.S. citizenship at their local libraries. It is fitting that we sign this agreement with the city so close to Ellis Island, and with its own rich history as a beacon for new Americans.”

This initiative formally establishes “New Americans Corners” In all branches of the Brooklyn Public Library, New York Public Library, and Queens Library systems. Services will be rendered to educate the permanent residents in the city on the importance of naturalization.

As the largest city in the United States, New York has been home to many immigrants from more than 190 countries since 2004. Over 1.1 million permanent residents have become U.S. Citizens in the New York metropolitan area. The USCIS has partnered with the City of New York to support permanent residents by offering citizenship and English as Second Language classes, along with tools and resources to help them prepare for the naturalization interview and test.