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What Is The United States Title 42 Law?


Matters of immigration seem to always be present in some respect and some amount in the news. But lately, the issue of Title 42 has been widely reported everywhere. Suppose you were wondering what Title 42 is and what the commotion is all about. In that case, this article will provide some further clarification on the legislation, why it was enacted, and what is happening with it currently.

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A Brief Synopsis of Title 42

We all remember when COVID first came onto the scene and how it changed the world and our lives. Businesses were shut down, and some workers were deemed “essential” while others were not; schools were closed, virtual schooling took place, stay-at-home orders were issued, and travel was greatly restricted. Beaches and other outdoor public spaces were even closed to the public so that they would not gather in large groups.

Title 42 is a public health order that President Trump issued during the height of the COVID pandemic. Coming out of the Public Health Service Act of 1944, the goal of the provision was to mitigate communicable diseases from spreading around and within the United States. By invoking Title 42, the Border Patrol is given the authority to stop people from entering the country. The idea is that preventing such entrance would control the spreading of disease. Stopping individuals from entering the United States under Title 42 lasts as long as health officials believe the measures are appropriate and necessary.

Title 42 was set to end on December 21, 2022. However, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts extended the law putting a temporary hold on its termination. The Biden Administration’s position is to end the policy.

The COVID outbreak was not the only time in American history when the United States would not allow individuals from other countries to enter her borders because of a perceived public health crisis. In 1893 in response to the cholera epidemic, a similar action was taken. In 1929, restrictions on individuals from the Philippines and from China coming to the U.S. happened due to the spread of meningitis.

There remains great debate on both sides of the political spectrum about why Title 42 is necessary versus why it should be terminated. The future of immigration concerning Title 42 remains to be seen at this time.

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Immigration laws, procedures, and guidelines in the U.S. are those that are constantly changing. If you want to enter the United States to live and start a life, it is good to have experienced legal counsel helping you navigate the complicated immigration system.

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