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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Blog > Non-Immigrant Visa > What to Know About Preparing For Your K-1 Visa Interview

What to Know About Preparing For Your K-1 Visa Interview


Just because you are expecting to marry a U.S. citizen does not mean that you are guaranteed to get your K-1 visa. Compared to other non-immigrant visas issued each year in the U.S., K-1 visas are not issued often.

There are several common hurdles that couples wanting to go the K-1 visa route experience when they apply. So, if this is the way that you plan to come to the U.S. and unite with your loved one, then it can be helpful to speak with an attorney who knows the process and the U.S. immigration system.

In Georgia, one of our experienced and resourceful Atlanta non-immigrant visa attorneys at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. can help you manage the process and improve your chances of securing success with your K-1 application.

Understanding the K-1 Visa Interview 

It is critical to understand that the U.S. has in place strict requirements for individuals wanting a fiancé visa. Some of these are:

  • Upon arriving in the U.S., there must be a genuine and sincere intention to get married within 90 days.
  • It must be shown that both parties are legally free and actually able to marry.
  • It must be demonstrated that the couple has met in person at least one time within the two years prior to starting the finance application process.

If all of these elements are true, then it can be possible to obtain admission to the U.S. with a K-1 visa. Though, even if all requirements are met, proving it is another story.

The fiance visa interview can be scary and challenging for applicants. It is important to prepare because several questions will be asked about a relationship, some of which can be incredibly personal. An applicant must be ready to answer all of the questions with ample detail and without hesitation. What is said must make sense and be believable because the fate of an application is based on the interviewing officer’s discretion. Also, what each party says in their interview must match their partner’s answers.

In addition to undergoing a rigorous interview, proof of eligibility will be necessary. For this reason, being organized can be helpful. Gathering all information to support proof of a relationship and having the right forms filled out correctly is critical to a successful application. Missing documentation or mistakes in paperwork can lead to delays or, in the worst case, a denial.

Speak with an Atlanta Immigration Attorney Today 

Despite the relatively low number of K-1 visas issued yearly in the U.S., this is nevertheless a pathway to the country. Getting the interview portion of the K-1 process done right is critical to dispelling any question about the legitimacy of a relationship and the ultimate goal of admittance into the country with a K-1 visa.

For a consultation to discuss your needs and case, please call Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. today at 404-523-3611. One of our Atlanta, GA, immigration lawyers is here for you and ready to help.



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