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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Blog > Family Immigration > Why You Should Never Lie on Your U.S. Visa Application

Why You Should Never Lie on Your U.S. Visa Application


Thousands upon thousands of foreigners apply for a green card or a visa in the United States every year. And when applying for entrance into the U.S., there will be several questions to answer. It is imperative that these questions are answered truthfully, as doing otherwise could jeopardize one’s ability ever to be granted entrance into the country.

There are several reasons why individuals applying for different U.S. visas or a green card mistakenly skip questions or tell an untruth, thinking that it will not be a big deal and help them get into the country sooner. However, applicants that lie put themself in a position where they can be removed from the U.S. or denied entry completely.

If you need help with a visa application or with the green card process, an attorney experienced in U.S. immigration law can help. In Georgia, the Atlanta immigration attorneys at Shirazi Immigration Law Inc. can help you with your application and provide legal guidance in situations where you are concerned that the truth could hurt your case.

The Implications That Come with Lying on a U.S. Admittance Application 

Coming to America for residence and a new life or for another reason is something that people all around the globe dream of doing. But there is a process, and getting that process right, following the rules, and working through the immigration system in the country can be difficult and stressful. An attorney can provide assistance and support throughout the entire process and significantly improve one’s chances of success with their application.

Credibility is one of the most important aspects and virtues that the U.S. Government looks for when a prospective applicant is trying to come to the country. When you are caught lying, your application will be dismissed, and you will be removed if you are in the country. Additionally, any future application that you submit will be met with suspicion and doubt. A judge will have your past indiscretions on their mind, and this will influence the decisions they make.

U.S. immigration law clearly states that lying or misrepresentation on entrance applications will result in inadmissibility. Your decision to lie will exclude you from coming to the country or staying.

Speak with an Immigration Attorney Today 

If you have aspects of your past that you are concerned about, there may be ways to legally and lawfully get around them and still be in good standing to come to the United States. Perhaps there is a way to still be truthful and not face repercussions, or maybe your situation is one that is eligible for some type of waiver. Either way, it is essential to remain honest when you apply to come to the U.S., and if you are unsure about how to do that, you can call a Georgia immigration attorney at Shirazi Immigration Law Inc. at 404-523-3611 for the Atlanta office to schedule an initial consultation.



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