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Who Can Use An L1 Visa To Work In The United States?


It is a global world, and as a result, some businesses will have operations both within the United States and abroad. When a company is looking to staff its operations, improve them, or expand them, it may decide to send a current employee or supervisor that is working at a location in another country to offices located within the United States. To do this, an L1 visa is necessary. Also known as the intracompany transfer visa, the L1 visa is temporary but allows foreign nationals to live legally in the United States and work.

How Does the L1 Visa Work?

Like any business, staffing, and management are essential. Sometimes, individuals working for a particular company can change positions or stay within their current position but play various roles to benefit a company’s products or services or to aid in expansion efforts. As a result, when a company has multiple locations, it may be necessary for particular employees or managers to move to a location where different needs exist.

Moving around in a company is common, as employees can have diverse roles requiring them to be at different locations at any time. And when an employee or supervisor has to change their work location, it is typically not too complicated to do this when everything is done within the same country. However, if a change of position means that a move has to be made internationally, this can be a little more complicated.

To come to the U.S. and work for an established or start-up company that has offices in the country, the non-immigrant visa, the L1 visa will be used. This visa allows specialized workers such as executives and managers, and professional employees to live and work inside the U.S. for that company.

There are two types of L1 visas. The one that will be appropriate for you if you are expecting to come to the United States to work will depend on your role.

For questions about how the L1 visa process works and for assistance with obtaining a visa in the United States, the Atlanta non-immigrant visa attorneys at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. can help.

The two different types of L1 visas that may be applicable to your situation include the following:

  1. L1A: This visa applies to executive-level employees and management with direct reports and oversight/supervision of employees. Startup businesses can obtain an L1A visa for as long as one year. Established companies may be able to secure an L1A visa for three years. It is possible in some instances to extend the L1A visa to seven years.
  2. L1B Visa: This visa applies to employees with certain skills or knowledge that supports a company’s services and products or helps improve other U.S. employees’ role within the company. An L1B visa is issued to startup businesses for one year and established businesses for three years. Extensions are possible for up to five years.

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