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Updated Asylum Restrictions In The United States


The United States policy for migrants coming through the U.S.-Mexican border has been recently updated. Now the migrants will have to first attempt to seek asylum in another country before they arrive at the U.S. border to avoid being turned away. This move will stop a large portion of migrants from seeking asylum in the country.

People that have been persecuted or subject to persecution based on their race, religion, nationality, political views, or participation in certain social groups may wish to flee their home country and seek refuge in a safer location like the United States. If you believe that you qualify for asylum in the U.S., there is a process for doing so. If you are an asylum seeker, understanding the laws and procedures established for your unique situation is critical to successfully entering the U.S. An attorney can help you understand your options, what you must do, and how the process works.

If you have questions about seeking asylum in the U.S., please do not hesitate to reach out to an Atlanta refugee & asylum lawyer at Shirazi Immigration Law Inc. for support and assistance.

Changes Made to the Asylum Process in the United States

Over the last two years under the Biden administration, the number of migrants attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexican border has risen exponentially, with numbers higher than the U.S. has experienced in over 20 years. As a result, the border is one of the hot political topics that has gained attention from lawmakers. According to the Pew Research Center, in November 2022 alone, there were a reported 206,239 encounters at the border.

Under the Trump administration, a “transit ban” sought to restrict asylum seekers but was met with a myriad of legal suits. Ultimately, a federal court blocked the policy, and it was never enacted.

Recently, to tackle the U.S. migrant crisis, the Biden Administration announced that they would implement a policy that mirrored the “transit ban.” What it says is that migrants must attempt to obtain asylum in a country they pass through on their journey to the U.S. If they fail to do this, they will not be allowed to enter the country. If the policy change moves forward, it is expected to be used temporarily over a two-year timeframe. After which, it will have the option to be extended.

The announcement did not come without controversy from various human rights groups vowing to sue.

Call an Asylum and Refugee Attorney Today

Fearing for your safety and that of your family is a scary and challenging position to be in. When it is necessary to flee your home to protect yourself, asylum may be the right approach.

For more information on the asylum system in the United States, please call the Georgia refugee and asylum attorneys at Shirazi Immigration Law Inc. at 404-523-3611 for the Atlanta office to schedule a free, initial consultation.



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